A Moment

Soundscape Project

▸ 31 October 2022 – 2 weeks
▸ Adobe Audition

For the longest time, I was interested in attempting music production but had no idea how to approach it. Turns out I just had to take a dive into Audition and just experiment my way through a soundscape project to convey a complete experience.

A Moment follows through the experience of a person who teleported into an alternate world, one of fantasy and magic. We hear him exploring his way around and taking in the unfamiliar surroundings. It starts off with our character spawning near the outskirts of a mystical city disrupting his regular life, and later transitions into him exploring the place and all that he finds on his way, & finally finding the door back home.

My sounds are inspired mainly by fantasy film OSTs, such as Studio Ghibli, and ambient noise and low-fi tracks. The background music was made using an ambient sound generator and the melody was recorded indoors using a kalimba, a newer westernized version of the mbira, which is a finger-plucking traditional instrument from Malawi and Zimbabwe. I also included foley recorded outdoors of walking through foliage, near a river, and on stony paths.

Overall, I was quite content with how it turned out for my first soundscape, although it was not as complex and layered as I initially envisioned it as. However, it was an interesting project that I was more excited for than I thought. Hoping to make more soundscapes after this work!